The 10 Best Sheds for Your Backyard

If you own a garage, you know the struggle of keeping power tools and lawn and garden supplies in place and out of the path of the car. But there comes a point, usually when you've amassed an army of bikes, rakes, mowers, sports equipment, snow removal supplies, and other gizmos, when it makes sense to break free and buy a stand-alone outbuilding for excess gear and keep your life clutter-free. Enter the backyard shed. Though modest in size, even the smallest shed can house your essentials, bust clutter, and keep seasonal gear out of the way and protected from the elements. A shed is no small purchase, so you want the best—a quality model that will last for years. We've rounded up some of the highest-rated sheds available on the web. Take a look to find one that's right for your backyard.

Keter Fusion

Keter Plastic Composite Outdoor Storage Shed

Like other ready-made sheds, theKeter Newtoneschews raw wood in favor of a composite, better able to endure year-round weather exposure. However, despite requiring next to nothing in the way of maintenance, the rugged construction of the shed manages to retain the look of wood, even down to the natural finish and texture of its shiplap-style siding. Inside, strategically placed beneath the steel-reinforced roof, there are air vents to help prevent dampness and odor. Plus, there's plenty of natural light, thanks not only to the windows set into the double doors, but also to a skylight that runs the full length of the rustic yet modern, easy-to-assemble shed.Available onAmazon; $1,700.

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Suncast Tremont

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

What if you don’t need or have room for a full-size outbuilding? A longtime maker of low-maintenance, molded-resin sheds,Suncastoffers itsTremontmodel in multiple sizes, but many opt for the most compact. At eight feet wide and four feet deep, the wide-yet-shallow Tremont shed stands out not only for its size, but also for durability, with its roof, walls, and floor all boasting metal reinforcement. Additional features include windowed doors and skylights to admit daylight, along with padlock-able door hardware to provide security and peace of mind.Available atTarget; $799.99.

Lifetime 6405

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Shed

TheLifetime 6405 Outdoor Shedresembles a tiny home with its four large skylights and shatterproof window, which let natural light into the dual-colored storage space. Made with high-density polyethylene, the eight-foot-wide shed comes with lockable steel-reinforced doors and a durable slip-resistant polyethylene floor. Owners can adjust the shelving to their liking, allowing for complete personalization and maximum storage. What’s more, the pitched roof wards off rainwater while providing nearly seven feet of overhead space.Available onAmazon; $973.45.

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Keter Factor

Keter Factor Backyard Garden Storage Shed

Are you looking to bring additional storage to a small backyard? The tinyKeter Factor Backyard Garden Storage Shedmay be the best shed for your buck. Measuring four feet by six feet, the shed boasts nearly 132 cubic feet of storage space. The durable exterior, made with polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforcement, stands up against harsh weather and is easy to maintain. Plus, the two-toned brown shed resembles a wood texture, allowing it to blend in with wood decking or siding.Available onAmazon; $399.99.

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Keter Store-It-Out MIDI

Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Shed

TheKeter Store-It-Out MIDIis an affordable shed option for anyone looking for extra storage—in the garage or outdoors. Made from polypropylene resin plastic and steel, its heavy-duty materials can withstand the harshest of weather, yet is lightweight enough to pick up and move when needed. Whether you need a place to put away pool supplies or you are looking to hide your trash cans, the versatile shed can fit the bill.Available onAmazon; $117.79.

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Arrow WL65 Woodlake

Arrow WL65 Woodlake Shed

If you’re looking for a trusted name in the shed industry, look no further than Arrow. A leader in steel storage, Arrow is known for its dependableWL65 Woodlake小屋。预先切开和预钻孔,这six-by-five-feet shed is quick to assemble and install in the backyard. The doors easily slide open on deep track glides to reveal 147 cubic feet of storage to keep your equipment, lawn furniture, or whatever else you want to hide away. As attractive as it is durable, the double-braced galvanized steel exterior has a woodgrain-style finish to give you the look of wood without the maintenance.Available onAmazon; $310.14.

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Suncast 6x8 Everett Storage Shed

Suncast 6x8 Everett Storage Shed

What better way to shed a little light on the contents of your outdoor storage unit than with a skylight? The 6-foot-by-8-footEverett Storage Shed from Suncastboasts three panes in its metal-reinforced shingle-style roof panels in addition to window panels in the doors so that you always have enough natural light shining through the durable double-wall resin construction in order to find the right tool for the job—be it a lawn mower or your gardening hand tools.Available onAmazon; $700.63.

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Rubbermaid 7x7-Feet X-Large Outdoor Storage Shed

Rubbermaid 7x7-Feet X-Large Outdoor Storage Shed

As it turns out, 325 cubic feet offer plenty of space out back of the house for more than the average mower. With the extra space available inRubbermaid's Big Max 7x7-Feet Storage Shed, you can move the family's bicycles, pool toys, and sports equipment (including the pop-up goal!) out of the garage and alongside the usual crop of landscaping tools. Not one but two totally organized spaces means double the motivation to set-up the leak-, dent-, and weather-resistant shed this weekend.Available atThe Home Depot; $679.

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Suncast Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

Suncast Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

Thishalf-size shed from Suncastmay be compact but ingenious design allows you to store much and access everything that can fit within its 52 x 58 x 80 inches of real estate. The mini shed may be one of the best for small yards and is large enough to stow an average-size wheelbarrow, bike, or lawn mower. Whatever you choose to store within its surprisingly deep expanse, you can access your supplies by popping the top of the shed, turning the waist-high storage unit into a convenient walk-in space.Available onAmazon; $485.08.

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Avondale Wooden Storage Shed

Handy Home Products Avondale Wooden Storage Shed

One of the best sheds for those who prefer the charm of real wood, the ready-to-assembleAvondale wood shedfrom Handy Home Products is a must for homeowners with traditional tastes. Barn-style doors swing open to provide ready access to a whopping 550 cubic feet of storage space. The sturdy metal framing means you can customize the shed with wall- or ceiling-hung shelving to provide convenient storage for oversized seasonal items like fishing poles and skis or workaday lawn and garden tools like shovels, hoes, cultivators, and spades.Available onAmazon; $1,196.

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A Better Backyard

A Better Backyard

No matter what your needs or space, there's a backyard shed for you. You may even decide to use a shed for something other than storage.

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